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DengueHIV; ;Hemagglutinin; ;1A1TX-raySolid NMRFiber diffraction etc.

Welcome to VPDB

Molecular knowledge of viral protein has significant implications for developing improved protein-based vaccines, designing novel anti-viral agents and understanding the entry mechanisms of viruses. Although there exists numerous database and resources for virus structure but viral protein structural database is unavailable for detailed information.  

VPDB comprises primary and derived data of viral proteins and is designed to serve as a single-stop solution for retrieval and analysis of viral proteins. Moreover, VPDB includes easy access to curated and annotated data through various search options. For molecular visualization we have embodied Jmol , Strap, and WebMol tools in the database for interactive three-dimensional structure visualization. Binding pocket has been identified using CASTp server and best binding pocket has been selected based on the area volume of pocket and incorporated in database. In order to complement VPDB and provide additional information for each viral protein, we have linked other useful database, including PDB, PDBsum, UniProtKB, CASTp, Proteopedia, NCBI Taxonomic database and PubMed. We believe that VPDB, due to its rich information content will be very useful and novel resource for researchers in the field of structure virologist.